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CMPA again… wait ! It is ONTARIO that is the problem …

CMPA other provinces

Ah… on further examination, I realize now that the issues I was warning you about are primarily related to BEING IN ONTARIO because our rates are higher than the rest of you lucky sods.
The issue still exists, but it is less severe if you are anywhere other than Ontario !

More CMPA info

Please check your CMPA coverage if you are a canadian physician – I have a further update – code #37 covers fp plus medical aesthetics, 82 is emerg and medical aesthetics BUT NEITHER OF THEM COVER IPL OR RESURFACING ! Also, the price for 82 (emerg) has gone up from $7800/year to almost $12,000, where code #35 is still below $4000.

CMPA information

Important Information for all past trainees:
In Dec 2012, The Canadian Medical Protective Association has advised me that Botox, Fillers and Sclerotherapy are COVERED under the codes:
1. 35 (family practice only),
2. 73 (family with emerg),
3. 82 (emerg without family medicine)
4. 79 (family with surgery, anesthesia and emerg)
BUT some forms of laser are not covered under 35 or 73 such as IPL, tattoo removal or resurfacing so you may have to switch to 79 if you are doing family practice and one of those high risk lasers. You can go back in time if you have been doing work in the wrong code.
Telemedicine is covered in Ontario. If outside of Ontario, you have to call CMPA to be covered in that province.
I spoke to a wonderful woman named Frankie (Francoise) in the physician advisory area (CMPA). She is not allowed to reply to emails but she is very happy to talk to you on the phone
1-800-267-6522 – She will be more than happy to help you!

I have also the official word from the CMPA on telemedicine, but the message is clear:
• You must comply with the College’s rules
o Privacy ie not skype
o Quality of video communication
o Informed consent
• Any physician who orders Botox, Fillers or Sclerotherapy without meeting the patient in person or via secure high quality video is risking his license and the CMPA will not protect him/her in the case of adverse event.

Bottom Line:
• If you are a physician with any FP code just doing sclerotherapy, Botox and fillers you are covered.
• If you do telemedicine without seeing the patient, you are risking your license


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