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We are thrilled to announce we are now open! Please call if you have any questions 705-735-0639.

We are thrilled to announce we are now open! Please call if you have any questions 705-735-0639.

Training Courses for Medical Professionals

Martin’s Training Centre trains students from all over the world!

At Martin’s Training Centre Canada, our courses are designed to provide training that will ensure that our students are able to fully master the often delicate procedures with full self-assurance.

We offer many in-class courses, including Botox and Aesthetic Fillers, The Business of Medical Aesthetics and more.

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Foundations of Aesthetic Medicine - $7,850.00

An intense 5 day combination course containing Botox and Aesthetic Fillers, The Business of Medical Aesthetics, Cosmetic Lasers & Microdermabrasion, Sclerotherapy.

Botox & Fillers - $6,700.00

Learn the fastest growing, and one of the most potentially profitable cosmetic procedures in North America, including Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Hyaluronic Acid Fillers.

Cosmetic Lasers & Microdermabrasion - $1,150.00

A highly practical and straightforward introduction into cosmetic lasers. This course will include an introduction to the concept of medical lasers including working with them safely.

The Business of Medical Aesthetics - $1,150.00

This is a new and rapidly progressing market.

Sclerotherapy - $3,750.00

This two day hands on training session is provided for physicians and/or nurses who are interested in entering the field of sclerotherapy.

Advanced Course Advanced Botox & Fillers - $4,550.00

Take your skills to the next level with our advanced techniques.

About Our Courses

Martin's Training Centre Canada is recognized worldwide for their in-clinic training programs through which they have passed on their skills and experience to more than 400 physicians and medical support staff from around the world including China, USA, Hungary, India, U.K., Australia & The Bahamas.

Our courses are designed to provide training that will ensure that our students are able to fully master the often delicate procedures with full self-assurance. We can also provide mentorship for physicians in our courses. Only medical professionals are eligible to take our courses. Aestheticians unfortunately cannot qualify.

Every course run at Martin's Training Centre is accompanied by a full course manual, online training videos, photos, client pamphlets, and a supply list.

Please note that all students are expected to watch the pre-course videos and read all of the training materials before attending their choice of course of study. This is how we manage to create a hands on learning environment when our students arrive! All courses satisfy the Provincial and Federal requirements for medical training. All students will receive certificates that are suitable for framing for each course completed. Students will also receive a detailed description of the course for presentation to licensing bodies and injectable manufacturers. The faculty at Martin’s Training Centre are available to students for questions any time after taking our courses via phone or email.

Should 2 or more students wish to attend a course together they will each enjoy a 10% discount. These discounts are ideal for doctors or other medical professionals who are working together, or who have colleagues who could equally benefit from the course, or for doctors who wish also to train their senior support staff.

What Students Are Saying About Our Courses

  • Honestly loved every part of this course. It was so helpful that I feel more confident in my skills, enjoyed my days, loved that you are able to prepare ahead of time with online material so you can pay better attention when the instructors speak. You have exceeded my expectations the entire week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and mind. You changed my life!
  • Enjoyed the course very much. Loved hands-on teaching, staff are kind and helpful. You are great and amazing teachers. Course was so much more than I thought it would be. More hands on than I thought. Staff were friendlier than I have ever met before. Dr. Martin is so knowledgeable – she really wants to ensure everyone’s questions are answered.
  • Enjoyed hands-on small group learning was great. I like the repetition and how you saved more complex to the 2nd day Best learning adult education session I have ever been to! Great job. Really enjoyed this course, really appreciate all the forms and honest answers”. Enjoyed Hands on clinics with actual patients was very good, also very well organized- super nice staff and well organized, only 2 days but I learned a lot

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We are proud to announce the launch of our new Aesthetic Medicine training centre, the International Institute of Aesthetic Medicine ("The Institute").

The Institute is a new approach to training that will include two well-established training centres including Martin’s Training Centre Canada in Barrie, Ontario.

For all course registration and more information, please visit the link below.

Go To The New Training Centre