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We are thrilled to announce we are now open! Please call if you have any questions 705-735-0639.

We are thrilled to announce we are now open! Please call if you have any questions 705-735-0639.

What Students Are Saying About Our Courses

  • Enjoyed having 1:3 supervision and real patients…
  • Enjoyed real patient volunteers, now I feel way more prepared to start injecting.
  • Lunch was excellent, staff was excellent, excellent training and highly enjoyable. Would recommend Everything Course to anybody wishing to change to this field of practice…
  • Enjoyed hands on, repetition, made me feel prepared to practice.
  • Excellent course, provided structured approach, very organized, great for beginners.
  • Nice layering of information, comprehensive including content, amazing staff – super knowledgeable, friendly and sincere – so rare to find a team so great.
  • Demonstrations were very useful for laser section.
  • Honestly loved every part of this course. It was so helpful that I feel more confident in my skills, enjoyed my days, loved that you are able to prepare ahead of time with online material so you can pay better attention when the instructors speak. You have exceeded my expectations the entire week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and mind. You changed my life!
  • Enjoyed the course very much. Loved hands-on teaching, staff are kind and helpful. You are great and amazing teachers. Course was so much more than I thought it would be. More hands on than I thought. Staff were friendlier than I have ever met before. Dr. Martin is so knowledgeable – she really wants to ensure everyone’s questions are answered.
  • Enjoyed hands-on small group learning was great. I like the repetition and how you saved more complex to the 2nd day Best learning adult education session I have ever been to! Great job. Really enjoyed this course, really appreciate all the forms and honest answers”. Enjoyed Hands on clinicals with actual patients was very good, also very well organized- super nice staff and well organized, only 2 days but I learned a lot.
  • Enjoyed the hands-on aspect of the course. It was great to have the time to apply the concepts taught in the lecture. Thank you for a great experience!! All the instructors were very knowledgeable and information; super helpful.
  • Injecting was the best, I like the hands on approach and I studied +++ so doing the actual procedures was helpful. Very supportive staff made the experience fun and easy to follow, very approachable to ask questions.
  • Loved the hands on material of the course, the fillers! Also the layout of the 1 hour with Dr. Martin at the beginning and end of the day. Personally it helped to retain then repeat and kinesthetically learn. Thank you so much for a wonderful 3 days! The learning environment was fun, laid back and had a vast majority of “hands-on” time, was very organized and was a very nice investment into my professional career as an injections nurse.
  • Enjoyed the immediate hands-on after the lecture! Wonderful staff, very helpful and knowledgeable. Awesome and trusting volunteers for your students also, they clearly trust you!”
  • Love the fact that you go directly to practice on clients and many different cases to practice on. Very informational and practical, really appreciate the patients and very knowledgeable nurses and Dr. Martin!!
  • Enjoyed injecting!
  • Plenty of hands-on exposure with real patients. Case examples were also very helpful.
  • Enjoyed working on real examples, having the Sigvaris reps here.
  • Perfect layout! Great idea to read through material prior to course. Very knowledgeable staff. Lots of practical teaching. Money well spent. Feeling confident to get started. Thank you to Dr. Martin and Staff!
  • Excellent hands-on practice, great education from teachers, very knowledgeable.
  • Enjoyed all of it, especially practical I found that sometimes they were nice and polite to give corrections. Awesome course, will recommend to other professionals. Thank you so much!!
  • Enjoyed Practices in rooms.
  • Very knowledgeable staff. Course gives you everything you need to start building your confidence. Thank you. Dr. Martin mildly loud laugh keeps the room healthy during lectures.

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We are proud to announce the launch of our new Aesthetic Medicine training centre, the International Institute of Aesthetic Medicine ("The Institute").

The Institute is a new approach to training that will include two well-established training centres including Martin’s Training Centre Canada in Barrie, Ontario.

For all course registration and more information, please visit the link below.

Go To The New Training Centre