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Martin’s Training Centre will be resuming our in-class training as of June 22, 2020.

Further training and examples of Dr. Martin's techniques for Sclerotherapy

Dr. Martin first began treating venous diseases in 1994. She has a wealth of information at her fingertips. Join her as she evaluates and treats her own patients.

In this video series, she reviews spider, reticular and varicose veins in the lower limbs. After the patient is examined, she describes her thought pattern regarding treatment options, both conservative and invasive. Sclerotherapy is performed on appropriate candidates while Dr. Martin continues to verbalize the exact location of injections, the pattern of injection, type of sclerosant selected, and total dosage. On a case by case basis, she discusses injection techniques including “violin”, “cigarette”, two handed, one handed and the use of the vein light. She discusses the best treatment practices to avoid complications such as phlebitis, hemosiderin staining, ulceration and remedies in the event that a side effect does occur. The use of stockings and wraps is described.

*This group of videos strongly supports any student who has already completed the Introductory Sclerotherapy Course

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Please note that all April and May classes are postponed until June, July, or August. Students will be notified by email of the date changes.

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