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Martin’s Training Centre will be resuming our in-class training as of June 22, 2020.

During her years of training Dr. Martin has learned the secrets of success when training in the field of Medical Aesthetics, which she has encapsulated as follows:

  • Everyone learns best by doing. That is why most of the didactic portion of the course is sent to the student before the course, in the form of a manual and DVD set. By reviewing this information before the course, the student is fully prepared when Dr. Martin “puts a needle in your hand” within the first hour of the student arriving at the clinic. We have so many injections that students actually start to say things like “that’s okay – I’ve done enough”!
  • Students need time to learn and assimilate. Some courses are trying to fuse all the information for Botox and Fillers into one very long day. Dr. Martin has found that students perform much better the second day, after they have had a chance to allow the information to penetrate and muscle memory optimizes after 24 hours. Everyone is relaxed and efficient the second day. Learning is at its prime.
  • Ignorance costs money. Over the course of more than 10 years in Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Martin has observed (and participated in) situations that have cost a physician more money than was necessary. There are some very practical words of wisdom that are critical to the success of a Medical Aesthetics clinic which go far beyond the obvious. These decisions vary from what suppliers to deal with, how to get terms from suppliers, how to advertise effectively, what is important on the website, how much should the doctor charge, and what should the doctor pay their staff? Most importantly, Dr. Martin is able to offer advice about how the doctor and their clinic can avoid getting ripped off. Dr. Martin helps her students to navigate through the muddy water.
  • Don’t waste your time. There are ways to organize the business which will allow you as the physician to maximize your personal time and optimize the clinic. Most physicians are adding Medical Aesthetics to increase their income and simultaneously increase the time that they have available to enjoy it. We can help make that happen!
  • Life is too short to do things that aren’t fun. At our course you will have a good time. The instructors are relaxed, the clinic is friendly, the clients are pre-selected, and everything is geared toward giving the student the best learning experience possible.

Please note that all April and May classes are postponed until June, July, or August. Students will be notified by email of the date changes.

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