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We are thrilled to announce we are now open! Please call if you have any questions 705-735-0639.

We are thrilled to announce we are now open! Please call if you have any questions 705-735-0639.

"I am proud to have been trained at Dr. Martins"

"The Advanced Course is a smaller group so we really got to have that 1-to-1..."

"The Training Centre actually cares about you..."

"A teriffic course! Highly recommended!"

"This was the best course I have EVER attended..."

"I would recommend this course 110%..."

"This course has been well-designed... there are so many opportunities to do injections on actual people..."

"What was great was we were able to really learn a lot of information so we could come here and get a lot of hands on..."

"I really liked everything about the course, great practice hands on..."

"You get great feedback from instructors... perhaps some of the best feedback as far as technique..."

"Very hands on... great staff..."

"Staff was very skilled and willing to help and answer our questions..."

"Every single teacher was so knowledgeable and patient..."

"I felt very supported, lots of videos..."

"I learned so much information about Botox and Fillers... I felt comfortable injecting my own clients..."

"Great experience...well organized...lots of new information..."

"You get hands on experience right away..."

"I feel more than comfortable going home and starting my practice..."

"Truly exceptional...better than I expected..."

"I felt my confidence in this whole new part of medicine grew..."

"It's a whole complete package that allows you to easily incorporate it into your practice..."

"Dr. Martin's course was the most highly recommended..."

"At the end of the 1st day I felt confident to start injecting..."

"It's get to read what you're going to do, and practice it right away..."

"The opportunity to ask questions in a fun, comfortable way was really good..."

"A course with more hands-on learning than lecture..."

"This is the best course I've ever taken...I'm energized for another phase of my medical career!"

"The training was very a calm, relaxing environment..."

Dr. Frank from Australia "The best part was getting our hands on real clients..."

"You practice on the actual patients themselves, which I found to be incredibly beneficial..."

"Anyone who wants to do a real hands-on training course...come here to Barrie!"

"This was well worth the money and I look forward to other training opportunities..."

Dr. Martin,
Since completion of this course I have been reviewing all material provided and learned in the course. I just wanted to let you know how valuable this course and information provided has been to me. You have provided individuals everything they need to know plus more for starting Botox and Derma Fillers. I will definitely be recommending you course to others and those who will be working with me in the future. This was well worth the money and I look forward to other training opportunities with you in the future. Thanks!


"It was worth the 33 hour trip..."

There aren’t many hands on courses like this around and I am glad I found it and joined! Dr. Martin is a great teacher and teacher to the point and practical. Small learning groups helped a lot. Thank you for setting this up. It has really built up my confidence to inject patients and was worth the 33 hour trip to get here! See you soon in the Advanced Course!

Marwan Alsaedi, MD – Dermatologist, Saudi Arabia

"I left with the tools, confidence and ability to start my own practice immediately..."

I had the great pleasure of recently attending Dr. Martin’s “Everything Course”. The one week course included extensive hands-on experience with Botox, fillers, lasers, business management, microdermabrasion, skin-care, sclerotherapy and mesotherapy.

Prior to arriving for the course, the office sent me a comprehensive pre-course package including over 10 hours of instructional DVD’s, hard-copies of seminar materials, a disk with consent and information forms, and a package of useful tools - such as a can opener for my Botox!

I left with the tools, confidence and ability to start up my own practice immediately. The hands-on experience was tremendously valuable.

Dr. Martin is a wonderful teacher - no one gets left behind and her enthusiasm is infectious! This is a fun course and although it is intensive, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and had the opportunity to meet colleagues from different parts of the world whose focus was similar to my own.

The course itself is held at Dr. Martin’s private clinic in Barrie, Ontario. Her clinic and staff are wonderful and make the learning experience magical! Dr. Martin’s teaching style is second to none. Her knowledge and understanding of the medicine, art and business of aesthetic medicine is incredible.

Dr. Andrew Jackson, MD Alberta

"I was particularly impressed with the amount of personally supervised injection practice..."

Thank you very much for the excellent and enjoyable training I received last week. All aspects of the course were first class - even the hotel recommendation!

The combination of pre-study with the DVD's and "hands on training" provided an ideal learning experience. I was particularly impressed with the amount of personally supervised injection practice we had in a friendly, pleasant working clinic. You really do show how it is done.

I am also grateful to all your staff who made me feel very welcome and were happy to help and answer my questions.

I will be happy to recommend your courses to all my colleagues.

Dr DG Woolliscroft

"It was a very enjoyable and relaxed training session..."

I came with high hopes and enthusiasm to learn sclerotherapy techniques. You and your staff did not disappoint at all. It was a very enjoyable and relaxed training session. Your staff are excellent and made me feel welcome.

You present in a clear and organized fashion and were able to answer all of my questions. Certainly when embarking on any new scope of practice there is always some anxiety surrounding it.

I feel confident that I have learned some of the essential basics of sclerotherapy and look forward to expanding my knowledge and skill. Once I feel confident with spiders, reticular and varicose vein treatment I would like to speak to you about ultra sound guided injections.

Thank you for a great couple of days and I wish you all the best in the upcoming years. Please let me know about the Botox and Filler videos as I would love to purchase them.

Harold Hynscht - Port Dover Ont.

"I had a lot of fun..."

Thank you very much for a great week. I had a lot of fun, but I learned so much, it was a wonderful week. Thank you for your kindness and help with everything. I came have not knowing much about aesthetics & veins, now I found my new love & I cannot wait to get started. Thanks a million!

Dr. Nanette Fouché - Calgary

"I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 days with Dr. Martin..."

I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 days with Dr. Martin and her lovely staff. This was a refresher course for me, as I was fully trained in the US a few years ago for Botox and Fillers. Unfortunately, my prior training provided no hands on component and very little in active learning. During my early attempts, I was lacking confidence and unable to get the business off the ground. This time I know it will be different!

Dr. Alicia Schreader

"Your tutelage was superior"

Thank you for your thorough and thoughtful program. We had many opportunities to view different clinical issues, the working and treatment, and had the chance to develop our skills with confidence. Your exceptional staffs made the program run smoothly and I personally felt welcomed by them. Your tutelage was superior and I look forward to another time when I might acquire even more advanced skills.

Joseph T. Gleeson M.D. C.C.F.P.

"It is clear now... I have the abilities to develop competence in this field..."

Just a word to thank you all for the week of training. Being a teacher myself, I understand how demanding the task can be in terms of preparation and execution.

"Everything" was well planned, organized and delivered. On a personal level, I can say I arrived at the Training Centre with doubts about my desire to pursue this new branch of my career and a fuzzy idea about steps to take to organize it. It is clear now. I know I love this, I have the abilities to develop competence in the field ( with work and commitment !) and I trust I will be able to develop and organize the business aspects of this new endeavour.

Your staff is competent in their knowledge and in their abilities to transfer their expertise. They are kind, patient and have a good sense of humour.

I would like to thank the ‘’Demo Patients’’. While they might be compensated for their collaboration, all of them were quite calm, patient and collaborative with the whole process. Not an easy task !

I wish to extend a special thank you to Krystal for her guidance.

Jocelyne Lecompte MD

"Overall it was a great learning experience..."

I wanted to write to say thanks for a most interesting and instructive course. Clearly you have refined this course to make it work so well, and I was impressed by how well the timing worked, how well your nurses demonstrated to us, and how cleverly designed it was to allow us to learn bit by bit so it wasn't overwhelming.

Overall it was a great learning experience and I just hope now I can put at least some of it into practice!

My challenge is introducing it to my clinic, getting the website/intro information off the ground, buying all those new-to-me supplies etc and getting it into action before too much time passes, although I have other pain course commitments as well! Even if I do some self/family/friend practice that will be good. I have ordered my first 2 bottles of botox and look forward to revisiting the videos (I got the extra ones).

Jannice Bowler

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We are proud to announce the launch of our new Aesthetic Medicine training centre, the International Institute of Aesthetic Medicine ("The Institute").

The Institute is a new approach to training that will include two well-established training centres including Martin’s Training Centre Canada in Barrie, Ontario.

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